Rockschool produce contemporary music books and exams for guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboards, which are widely acknowledged as the standard and most practical grades for these instruments. They offer performance exams – which are solely focussed on playing – and grade exams – these cover theory and extra skills such as sight reading and ear tests. It is also possible to work together with a couple of musician friends to take a ‘band’ exam.

I have personally taken a few of these grades (including Grade 8 Band on guitar – Distinction – and Grade 6 Bass Guitar – also Distinction), and I also prefer to use these books and exams if it appropriate and something students want to do.

I have taken students through every level of rockschool exam, all of which they have passed, with the overwhelming majority receiving distinctions.

For more information, visit – my very own website dedicated to helping students of the exams get the most they can from them.


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